CONNECT will be held August 6 - 8, 2020

You're only one relationship away . . . 


Breakout Sessions 
for Young Entrepreneurs!

Chas Wilson

Founder - Master Networks
Dear Master Networker,

What is one connection worth?

Personal development is one of my passions, and for good reason. When you have the chance to get around like-minded people, a certain sort of magic happens. You know you’re together for the same reason, and it brings you closer in a way that not much else will.
I created CONNECT to capture that same magic, to help every entrepreneur and business leader I know have the opportunity to take time to work on their personal growth.

It’s not always easy to give ourselves permission to step back, to take a moment to evaluate where we are and what goals we want to pursue, or even if our current goals are working for us.

CONNECT is a chance to do that. We have some amazing speakers lined up, as we have these last few years.

Carrie Wilkerson, also known as The Barefoot Executive, will be there. She’s a dynamic speaker who isn’t afraid to tell you to put the blinders ON and FOCUS.
That’s just a taste of the speakers we have lined up over the three days of CONNECT.

But CONNECT is more than that!

CONNECT is about connecting. Some of my favorite pictures of past CONNECTs show the attendees greeting each other with smiles and hugs.
But even cooler than all the connections made . . . is what happens with those connections!

On average, our attendees increase their businesses by 28% within the 3 months after attending CONNECT.

But the bigger question here is... WHY?

Why Do Attendees Earn 28% MORE (On Average) After Going To CONNECT?

It’s not by luck or coincidence…

It’s not because we walk you through cutting-edge strategies and tactics… (though we’ll give you plenty at this event!)

And it’s not because we bring in experts on mindset and personal development … (though we’ll have LOTS of that, too…)

It’s because at CONNECT, you’ll learn the steps to get from where you are right now to the NEXT level.

No matter where you’re at in your business . . . There Is A PATH To Get You To The Next Level.

Chas Wilson

What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is a 3-day experience created to help entrepreneurs network with each other, get some great personal development and business training, and come away with the tools and motivation they need to design a legacy beyond their business. 
CONNECT 2020 Agenda
Here's an idea of what you can expect . . . 
(schedule is subject to change - this is just an estimate)


8:30 AM - CONNECT kickoff
9:00 AM to LUNCH - Keynote Speakers
(break for lunch)
1:00 PM - Keynote Speakers 
2:15 PM - Breakout sessions - Kids CONNECT
2:15 PM - Breakout sessions - CONNECT
4:15 PM - Keynote Speaker
(break for dinner)
6:00 PM  - Ice Cream Social
7:00 PM  - Special Movie Presentation


8:30 AM - Kickoff
9:00 AM - Keynote Speakers
(break for lunch, visit sponsors) 
2:00 PM - Keynote Speakers
4:00 PM - Breakout sessions - Kids CONNECT
4:00 PM - Breakout sessions - CONNECT
(break, visit sponsors)
6:30 PM - Reception, Awards


8:30 AM - Kickoff
9:00 AM - State of Master Networks, Keynote Speakers
(break for lunch, visit sponsors)
1:30 PM - Keynote Speaker 
2:15 PM - Breakout session - Kids CONNECT
2:15 PM - Breakout session - CONNECT
3:15 PM - O.U.R. Update
3:30 PM - Keynote Speaker 
5:00 PM - Wrap Up


The speaker lineup for CONNECT 2020 is complete! 

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